Hypotheticals, etc.

Would you dress like a pirate in private and public for 1 year for $150,000 ?

Would you rather get locked in a K-mart or a Putt-Putt if you had access to everything ?

Would you get a tattoo if your mate wanted it ? Would you let them pick it out ?

How would you dispose of a dead body from a hotel room ?

Would you rather be a midget or a horse ?

Would you rather have witnessed the assassination of Lincoln or JFK ?

Would you rather be Hulk Hogan or Bill Gates ?

Would you only eat one type of food for 1 year for $150,000 ? What type of food ?

If your parents got an awesome job and moved to Canada and they asked you to come and work with them for $150,000 per year, would you go ?

Would you ever work again if you hit the big lotto ?

If you had to decide, would you destroy all printed media, or televised media ?

If you caught your parents engaged in illegal business practices, would you ask them about it ?

Would you take 8 years of college in a major that really sucked for a good job ?

Would you marry someone that you have never seen although they are everything you?ve ever wanted ?

Would you trust a computer with a million dollar transaction ?

If you knew a crime boss, would you rat them out for money ?

If you had a devise that froze time, would you use it for evil ?

If you knew you could make $100 a day as a bum, would you do it ? For how long ?

If a city was created that only had people you knew and loved, but no one new could ever visit, and you could never leave, would you live there ?

Would you rather meet Mr.T or Space Ghost ?

Would you rather be on 1 episode of Seinfeld, or a running character on Guiding Light ?

Would you rather be a contestant on Jeopardy or the Price is Right ?

Would you rather be on MTV?s ?Remote Control? or Press Your Luck ?

If you could uninvent 1 thing, what would it be ?

If you could destroy one item of your friends or families, and it could never be repurchased what would it be ?

Would you accept the responsibility of Universal peace if I gave you a Green Lantern ring?

Would you date a known bi-sexual ?

If you were in the Oval Office and the president left for 15 minutes, would you steal something ?

Would you rather be a freshman or a senior in college ?

Would you rather die in your sleep or graphically on television ?

Would you go on a blind date that your best friend set you up on ?

Would you rather win a gold for Sri Lanka or a bronze for the USA ?

How many years would you undertake ascetic training to be a jedi ?

Would you rather have the house of your dreams or a lightsabre ?

If someone gave you a lotto ticket for your birthday and it hit, would you split it ?

If you were a superhero, would you wear a mask or a cape ?

Would you rather have the boyfriend/girlfriend of your dreams or the car of your dreams?

If you met an alien and he was really messed up looking, would you kick him in the head?

If you and some friends were dying in the woods, how would you pick who to eat?

If you found a large sum of money in a city park, would you turn it in to the authorities?

Should the U.S. government kill Bill Gates and assume complete control of Microsoft?

What is the greatest superpower?

How do they cram all that ghram?

If you could be known as best in the world at any one thing, what would it be?

If you could have lunch with any three people who would they be?

How much money would I have to give you right now in order to never ask for any more?

If you could have anything that is one-of-a-kind (like a famous painting),what would it be?

Should the U.S. government sell North Dakota to Canada in order to relieve the Debt?

Are people from Alaska really Americans?

Who scares you most : the Trix Rabbit, Lucky the Leprechaun, or the Honey Smacks frog?

How much dirt would you eat for ten dollars?

How far do you think you can get in one week without the help of your friends or vehicles?

Could you imagine a world without hypotheticles?

Would you rather be famous or notrorious?

If you could rob a bank and never get caught, would you do it?

could you survive in prison, or would you crack?

If you received $50 a day if you never used telecommunications (phone, pager, e-mail) how long could you go?

If you could bring any fictional character to life, who would it be?

Would you support or protest a real life Truman show?

Is there too much of a good thing?

If someone held out 1000 dollars and said ?here, take it? would you take it and run?

If you saw a guy carrying what looks like a dead body, would you stop and question him?

If you were late for an engagement and you saw a buddy hitch-hiking in the rain going the other direction, but he didn?t see you, would you turn around?

If you were balding, would you shave your head, wear a toupee or go Rogaine?

What are your five Desert Island Classics?

Would you rather have an angry monkey or an angry hawk on your head?

What is your favorite movie candy? (the correct answer is jujyfruits)